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My travel blog is an online collection of 60+ self-published articles and over 1,000 photographs. I started this project back in 2007 when I studied abroad in Seoul, South Korea.  I spent the following summer teaching English in a remote region in Thailand and then traveled around Southeast Asia. 


After this initial trip, traveling became a vital part of my being. In 2007, I moved to Anchorage, Alaska where I lived for five years. I traveled across the state, exploring over a dozen rural villages. Out of state I road tripped through Maui, backpacked in Europe and visited family in the lower 48.


In 2013, I sold everything I owned and spent the better part of two years traveling the United States. My home base was Tickleberry Manor Goats; a goat farm in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. In my time off I traveled from Key West, Florida to New York City, and from Asheville, North Carolina to Portland, Oregon. I played rugby in Las Vegas, explored San Francisco on my folding bicycle, and worked at a winery in Washington State. These blogs share some of those stories.


I currently have 340 public subscribers from around the world. 

"It's amazing that you are able to document everything in such great detail. I can tell you are growing as a person."

Jan Dubbel

Sea sick?...hope its not Malaria.

(September 17th 2006)

 Diane Hicks 

The Unexpected Adventures are 

often the Most Rewarding.      

(December 15th 2014)


"Rebekah can you please stop writing..... because I really want to go back to the tropical island when I read all this ;)" 


"You write the best travel blogs; by far the very best as if I was there stomping too!"  


"I enjoyed the detailed descriptions of travels and travails. The photos too were fabulous. Keep them coming!"


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