Registration for Goat Yoga  2020 is Now open!


Our babies were born the second week of February! 


Bluestone Farms and AcroKnox are excited to announce that our first class will be February 22nd at Breezeway Yoga Studio in Bearden. That's right! We are giving our babies an earlier start this year so they can get more used to being around people and in classes.

Classes sell out fast, so register soon! To be one of the firsts to know, sign up for our newsletter and we will send you an invitation to register 24 hours before we announce it on Social Media!

A Small Family Run Farm

Our family farm is located in the beautiful hills of east Tennessee.  Our herd of 25-40 goats might be considered small, but the attention our goats receive is not.  Our children, ages 8 and 10, assist us in the day to day running of the farm and have named every goat!


Focus on Sustainable & Organic Farming

We only give our goats vaccines and medicines when they need them, which isn't very often.  Our Kikos rotationally graze and forage over fields and wooded areas and we supplement with feed only to train them to come to us.  They are self-sufficient and we don't have to mow.  Rotational grazing keeps our acreage sustainable without wearing out the land.

Be the first to know!


Goat Yoga classes typically sell out within the first few days of registration opening. Sign up for the AcroKnox newsletter below AND join the Knoxville Goat Yoga Facebook Group to be the first to know when registration opens for future classes. I will post announcements on these outlet 24 hours before I make our public registration announcement.

What is Goat Yoga All About?

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