Class Descriptions

AcroYoga Class (Open Level)

Open level classes are always beginner friendly and open to those either brand new to yoga and  AcroYoga. Each class explores the foundations of the AcroYoga practice, dynamic movement, and partner practice. We work closely with spotters, providing a safe and supported environment for newcomers to immerse themselves. Come and learn what it means to trust, to let go, to fly, and to play! No Partner Needed.

Beginner AcroYoga Class or Series

Take your yoga practice off the mat and into the air! Beginner classes offer new students an introduction to the foundational skills of AcroYoga. Learn how to base, fly, and spot as we work in groups of three, cultivating trust, support, and community! No experience or partner needed to attend. 

Intermediate AcroYoga Class or Series

Building on the foundations established in the AcroYoga Class (Open Level). This class introduces dynamic movement and flow aspects to the practice. More intermediate sequences such as transitions and washing machines are explored in each class. 

B & D (Bodywork And Dessert)

Bodywork & Dessert is a space for healing, connecting and supporting others in our community. Yogis, AcroYogis, Massage therapists, intuitive healers, and those who love to give and receive are invited to share in an evening of sensual touch. Join our Lunar Lounge with blankets, pillows, bolsters, mood lighting, and tranquil music. In the Lounge, participants informally take turns offering and receiving massage. In a separate space, we will have space for conversation & desserts.


Flying Vinyassa (AcroYoga Flow) Class

As in a traditional flow class, partners will be lead through a series of AcroYoga poses. After warming up, the class will move through a therapeutic flight sequence. The second progression will follow a more solar inspired flow. Each sequence will be done 2x, allowing the base and flier to switch roles.  A basic knowledge of AcroYoga terminology is strongly encouraged. Students should be comfortable flying or basing forward level 1 and back level 1 flying poses without a spotter. 


Lunar Flight  Class (Open Level)

Thai yoga and lunar style flying are fundamental to the holistic practice of AcroYoga. Take care of your mind, body, and soul as we stretch and move our partners on and off the ground.


AY Fit (AcroYoga Fitness)
The AcroYoga Fitness (AY FIT) is an acrobatic fitness program designed to build smart, toned, coordinated muscles in a safe & progressive environment. The class explores using body-weight exercises and acrobatic techniques that challenge and educate your muscles. In one hour, you will receive training to major muscle groups and increase endurance, strength, and flexibility. AYFit additionally assists in creating core stability and integrity around the joints to help correct muscle imbalances.

Trios Classes / Series

Working closely with spotters, we play with variations of two bases and one flyer, one base, and two flyers, and then finally, one base, a mid and a flyer! Everyone will be invited to participate at their comfort level and is not expected to attempt each role. because of the larger group sizes, most Trio series are condensed into three 2-hour classes, rather then four 1.5-hour classes.

Commonly Asked Questions:


Are acro classes appropriate for beginners?

Yes! Each class will be beginner friendly, incorporating intermediate options for more experienced fliers.


Do I have to bring a partner? 

No. Acro yoga is all about community! In each class, we switch partners often. 


What if I have never done yoga before?

No problem! Each class will weave in traditional yoga themes.


Is acro for kids?

Of course! I offer workshops specifically for children and youth. However, for the studio based classes, children under the age of 14 will be considered on a case by case basis. 


What should I wear?

Wear clothes that are comfortable and fitted. Long pants are preferable as skin-on-skin traction can be quite painful. Also, avoid clothes with buttons, belts, and zippers.