Lesa Williams 

Tuesday  @6:30 pm

Saturday @ 9:00 Am

Beginner AcroYoga Series explore partner yoga foundations, flying postures, counterbalances, inversions, and therapeutics. By the end of this series, students will be confident jamming and playing with both the Knoxville Acro Community and their friends. This series is for those who are new both yoga and acro, as well as for those who want to strengthen their knowledge of AcroYoga foundations.

New students are asked to commit the full series, as each session will build on the one from the week before, offering a space to progress more quickly.
No Partner Needed!

The Intermediate Class is for students who already have some experience under their belt. We will dive deeper into the Acro practice playing with low foot to hand, pops, turns and twists, more dynamic movement and washing machines.  Class is assisted by Frank Genovise and Meryl Kerns. 


No Partner Needed. 

Please bring cash or check or pay online before class.


Prerequisites include*: Hands-free Bird mount; Hands-free bird presses; Cartwheel into straddle bat; Hop to Star.


*Though students are not required to have mastered each pose, they must know the names of the static poses listed on the AcroKnox AcroYoga Poster (Posters available to buy or review at all classes). 

Redeemable at  Breezeway Yoga Studio at the Open Level AcroYoga Class offered on Thursdays from 7:30pm-9:00pm.

A $15 Value!

Free AcroYoga Class Pass

Yoga For Strength & Flexibility

6:30 - 7:40 pm


7:30 - 8:30 pm


Knoxville's AcroYoga Community 

Karma Classes

May & June 


Yoga for Strength & Flexibility is the Acro class warm up


Knoxville's AcroYoga Community 


Knoxville's AcroYoga Community 

Reduce Stress: Increase Joy

Day Twelve:

Seek out Social Support

Spend time with those you love. Absolutely. Sometimes we tend to avoid socializing when we are stressed, depressed, or feeling distant. Stay connected to your loved ones (Even now there are so many ways to connect: Write a letter, call, Zoom, etc) There's no shame in asking for help!

An Inspirational Series From Your Anytime Fitness in Farragut 

Yoga for Beginners

10:00 am


Join AF Farragut & Rebekah Luhrs on Facebook Live!

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@ Home!

Said "No"

to a junk food craving

Joined a MyZone


Used a household object as a weight

Went on a walk / hike outside

Joined a Zoom or live work out


Went 4 hours without checking social media

Did something kind for someone

Read a book you've been putting off


essential oils

Avoided reading news for a whole day

Made a healthy homecooked meal



Yard work

Commented on an AF Social Feed

Looked longingly at your key fob

Went out of your way to support a

local business

Helped an elderly neighbor or friend


your own

at home

work out

Used the Anytime Fitness App to do a workout 

Have no idea what Tiger King is


Push ups

8 Glasses of water




Anytime Fitness Farragut

Is the 

Quarantine Fifteen 

All you gained from your time in isolation?

We Can Help! 


Is the 

Quarantine Fifteen 

All you gained from your time in isolation?

We Can Help! 

Join the Anytime Fitness Family Now & Get:

  • 50% off our enrollment fee 

  • A free session with a coach

  • A Group Training Session 

  • An Evolt360 Body Scan       


Knoxville Acro Jam At: 

AcroKnox often offers a Foundational Class before the Knoxville Acro Jam. Never tried AcroYoga? Come and gain a bit of experience before the rest of the group arrives. Wear close fitting long pants, and water. Bring layers as it can get chilly.

*Check the calendar to see when these classes are offered. 


Knoxville's AcroYoga Community 

Knoxville's AcroYoga Community 

AcroYoga Knoxville


AcroYoga Weekly Schedule


Knoxville's AcroYoga Community 

   Sunday       Mon   Tuesday           Wed   Thursday 

(Foundations Class)

Acro Jam


(5:30) 6:00 PM 

Always check Facebook for changes/Foundations Class  

Intermediate* AcroYoga Class


7:30 PM - 9:00 PM







Open Level AcroYoga Class 


7:30 PM - 9:00 PM



For class details, events  and workshops visit:


Fying To The Moon on Friends

 To The Moon's AcroYoga Tribe

June  14 - 17, 2018

Acrodisiac Lunartics


Four Week Class Series

Intro to

Acro Dance

$60 Investment for 4 weeks

Join Sam & Rebekah for a co-creative class series where we will explore movement, connection, and foundational acrobatics.

Registration & info at: www.acroknox.com/payonline

Intro to

Acro Dance

Four Week Class Series


Knoxville's AcroYoga Community 

Al Levels Welcome *  No Partner Needed * No Experience Necessary!


August 6, 13, 20 &27

7:30-9:00pm at

Breezeway Yoga Studio

Sunday Knoxville Acro Jam

AcroKnox co-hosts weekly jams with its sister group Knoxville Acro Jam. This is an open play time where we partake in various types of acro. The Sunday Jam is a free event and for all levels and abilities. No experience? Come to the Foundations Class beforehand! 


Sundays from 6-8pm on the Performance Lawn at World's Fair Park. Bring a mat, water, fitted pants, a snack, and a friend! Always check the Facebook group for time/date/location changes, or to see if a Foundations Class is taking place.

Rebekah Lührs is a local yoga and AcroYoga instructor in the Knoxville area. She enjoys creating one-of-a-kind greeting cards with uplifting messages that empower others to connect. 


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